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You will receive an email to create your password and enter our portal. It is necessary to complete this step to enter your free appointment.

A specialist will contact you. In the meantime please read this guide:

What happens now?

Check your email and update your password to access the platform.

We will review the information you gave us and the best specialist (depending on the information and preferences you gave us) will contact you to carry out a free 30-minute session. In it, they will know each other and can clarify any doubts you may have about how the process and sessions are carried out.

How did I communicate with my therapist?

There are several options for this.

1.- Text messages (these are answered by the therapist twice a day).

2.- Live Chat (It is necessary to schedule an appointment)

3.-Phone call (It is necessary to schedule appointment)

4.- Videoconference (It is necessary to schedule an appointment)

What happens if I do not like my assigned therapist?

At any time you can ask for a therapist change, in T2T we have all the professionals, many specialties and areas of expertise.

How much is it going to cost me?

If after your free session you like the therapist that we assign you, we offer you three packages.