Sexual Identity / LGBT

Most people in today’s society know the meaning of these initials: lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans. Undoubtedly, over time, more initials have been added to this acronym to give visibility to additional identities, such as: transgender, transvestite, transsexual, intersexual, among others.

Besides sexual orientation or gender identities, it is important to highlight the existence of multiple sexualities since the beginning of times, and that these are only part of an individual’s personality. Heterosexuality has been considered in certain historical moments as “the rule” and “what’s normal”; these labels appear to be unreal and impertinent, but that doesn’t mean that other sexualities did not exist or that they are a “trend” imposed by new generations.

Therefore, the path of a person who is part of the LGBTTTIQ community can be complicated at first, because he/she/they has/have to deal with prejudice and social stereotypes. So, what can someone do to feel good about their orientation and/or identity? The answer is complex because there isn’t only one path.

It’s important to begin that path with self-acceptance. Before thinking about family, friends and society in general, one must face a personal and internal reflection, acceptance and self-love process. Thus, many people don’t dare to “come out of the closet”, because in addition to the social rejection they can face, there is sometimes unconscious internal rejection and pain.

Anyone may need help and when the path becomes tough, we must resort to someone who can guide us. Nowadays, there are many institutions and organizations which help people become included in their social circles so that they can little by little overcome the process. It is especially important to educate and inform those around them to generate more awareness and understanding that we are all the same; therefore, we all have the same rights and obligations regardless of our sex, gender or orientation.

There will always be people with internal conflicts who can’t tolerate the existence of different realities, but we must remember that as long as each person loves and takes care of their body and mind, he/she will be able to acquire necessary tools to face any obstacle that might appear. Sometimes fear blinds us, but EVERYTHING GET’S BETTER.

By: Psych. José Antonio Montañez González