Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

1. About Privacy

We care a lot for your privacy. We will take all the necessary measures to protect and safeguard your privacy. This file, titled “Privacy Policy” is a detailed text with all the information related to using our services. Policies, procedures and practices related to all the information you provide through our platform are detailed and explained. 

This is part of our Terms and Conditions, which you can consult any time in our website. All terms used here (like “Platform”, “Counselors” and all the different pronouns we use) have the same meaning in Terms and Conditions document. It is understood that you accept and agree with both documents when you use the platform. If you disagree at some point, you should quit using the platform shortly. If you are already accessing and using our platform, we understand that you have read Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, and also, that you agree and understand all the issues contained.

2. Collection and use of information

In order to let us operate and manage the platform in an efficient way, including all our services such as Counselling, we might have to collect your personal information (such as, but not limited to, name, phone number, addresses, etc…) payment and profile information, as well as log data (computer, IP address, visited webpages and the time spent on them, actions made, etc…) information related to Counsellor Services and all the information between them and you. Sometimes, we consider all this information like health related data. You might decide which information you are sharing with us, but some functions of the platform won’t be available if you don’t provide all the required information. If you share all the information, you understand and agree with our collection procedures, and with the rest of the terms in this Policy.

We are very responsible with your information, therefore, we won’t sell, rent or give away anything shared in the platform. We will never disclose any information, unless you have requested it previously and gave us all of the permissions to proceed.

The information that you share with use might be used in the following cases:

  • To create your account and let you log in and use the platform.
  • To make sure that you are receiving quality service and to manage all the information related to your account.
  • To keep in touch with you and provide any kind of information.
  • Billing-related issues.
  • In case we or a Counselor needs to contact you and inform you or other person might be in a dangerous situation or may be involved in a criminal act, whether as a victim or the cause of it.
  • To create Counselor-customer matches
  • To provide Counselor Services.
  • To supervise and keep an eye on those services.
  • To improve those services, in terms of quality and delivery.

3. Cookies and Web Beacons

We use both concepts to collect some information, as the rest of the websites. The word “Cookie” means a data file which is transferred to computers’ hard disk in order to record information. On the other hand, a “Web Beacon” is a small image, which is set on a webpage to create a report of a visit or general usage. We use both concepts to allow the platform’s operation, to get all the Log Data and to manage the information related to Log-in. In case you want to receive a notification before you accept a cookie or to stop accepting them, you can change your browser’s settings. Nonetheless, if you don’t accept all cookies, platform can’t work in its full capacity. The platform also includes both, Cookies and Web Beacons from third parties which are not included in our Privacy Policy and we can’t have control over them. We might use these third parties for web analytics and error management.

4. General Information Tools

We use some tools and resources which are public, such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc… (known as “General Information Tools”). Therefore, all the information you share when using these tools is public, and it can be read and collected by the sites and users.

5. Phishing

We care a lot for online crimes, such as identity theft, hacking, and all the situations related and known as “Phishing”. You should be careful and conscious when asked for your account information and you must follow our security instructions. You will never be asked to share your login or credit cards information in risky or unsolicited communication (emails, phone, etc…)

6. Links

Third parties will control and manage different links to their services and offers. If you click in any of these links you will be direct to that website. Even when we accept those links on our websites, it doesn’t mean we authorize or represent an affiliation with that third party, and it isn’t an approval of their privacy or security policies. We don’t have control over their websites, services policies or terms.

7. Security

We can’t prevent all of the risks that may happen when using internet services, although all of our systems, procedures, encryption technology, and operations are designed and supervised with our privacy and security methods taken into account. We try to apply our best standards to prevent unauthorized access or use. We work and follow all the federal and state laws and regulations related to data privacy.

8. Service Providers

Sometimes, it is necessary for us to hire third parties to allow our platform to perform some tasks and legal and operational services. These tasks may include, but are not limited to customer service, maintenance, management and communication via email, database, payment and billings processes, etc… We make sure that we only provide the minimum information to third parties, just to let them perform their task for us and follow the appropriate confidentiality policies.

9. Children’s Privacy

We do not collect any information from underage people (13 or less) and they cannot become our users. Our platform is not designed or intended to be used by children (under 13) without prior consent of their parents or legal tutors. If you think or are sure that we have collected children information please let us know as soon as possible in order to delete this information.

10. International transfer

The information you provide to use might be maintained and managed in computers located outside of your state, city, country, etc… Even in this situation, all your information will be protected as mentioned in this policy. When you agree with our Terms and Conditions, and when you provide information to us, you also agree with these transfers.

11. Law Enforcement

In order to provide our services according to the law, we work in collaboration with the government and law enforcement officials. We might provide information in order to protect your privacy and safety from another person or public in general, also to face legal processes and prevent or stop illegal or dangerous activities. You must be conscious that our Counselors might be compelled to provide information to the authorities in order to conform their legal responsibilities. There are some situations in which authorities ask for mental health professionals to provide information. Such situations can be: a) reported or suspected child abuse or vulnerable adults, b) suicidal potential, c) threatened harm to another person, d) compulsory presentation or treatment (solicited by court)

12. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Revisar si aplica para México

It is necessary to use your personal information in the following situations:

  • To perform our obligations according to any contract we have with you.
  • It is our interest (or a third party’s interest) to provide our best services.
  • We must use your personal information to work according to the legal obligations imposed upon us.

If you are willing to view or change any personal data you have shared with us, you can do it on our website. Automated processing of your information is necessary in order to perform effectively and to provide the best counseling to you.

Time To Talk is the controller we use regarding your Personal Data. If you need anything or you have some questions or concerns, you can contact our Data Protection Officer by writing to:

Time To Talk
Culiacán 123
Piso 13
CDMX, MX 06170

13. Privacy Policy Changes

At the end of this page, you can find the last date when this policy was revised. We can update all the information at our sole discretion. We suggest checking constantly this page, in order to get the latest information related to our Privacy Policy and services in general. Although there can occur several changes, we will never share your information without notifying you and giving you the option to accept.

14. Contacting us

If you have any doubts or concerns related to our Privacy Policy or practice, please contact us by clicking the “Contact” link at the bottom of any visited page in our website.