How much is it going to cost me?

After your first free session, get an assigned therapist, you will be able to select and pay for the package that best suits your needs.


In all packages the session can be: chat, conference or videoconference.


online sessions.

USD 65
per month


online sessions.

USD 80
per month


online sessions.

USD 95
per month

If you need more sessions, and your package does not cover that. You can ask for extra sessions that will be immediately charged to your credit card. 

USD 35
extra per session

Once you have selected your package you will be able to upgrade your plan at the end of the month.

As easy as...​

1er paso terapia

Answer the questionnaire.

2dor paso terapia

Find the perfect fit for you. Choose the best therapist according to your needs.

3er paso terapia

Create your account and take your first session for free.

4to paso terapia

Choose the program you are interested in and schedule your appointment.

6to paso terapia

Meet your therapist anywhere and anytime with your tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop.