FAQs (Questions)

There are several counseling platforms around the world. The most important one is Time2talk. We are willing to change how people get help in order to cope with life’s challenges by giving them accurate and affordable access to certified therapists. We make professional counseling available, despite the time, the place and the different devices.

We will try to find the best counselor according to your needs, preferences and kinds of issues you are coping with. Of course, all of our counselors have different approaches and work with different methodologies, therefore, it’s important to find the best option for you. Most of the times we are able to make sure that we will provide the best match. However, if you feel that the match wasn’t that good and you would like to try another counselor, you can choose another one.

All the Counselors who work for us and provide services, are licensed and experienced psychologists (PhD / PsyD), licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) or similar professionals, depending on their state or jurisdiction. They all must have an academic degree related to their field, experience (at least 3 years), at least 2,000 hours of hands-on experience, and they must be certified by their professional boards once they have completed all the tests, training, academic and practical requirements needed.

Our company makes sure every counsellor we provide is certified and have the necessary studies. They need to provide the proper documentation, identity proofs, and references from other colleagues who have worked with them. We make sure to match their information with their state licensing board.

Apart from checking credentials, we evaluate each of the providers by completing a case study exam and a video interview. All the process takes among 4-5 weeks, and once it is over, only 15% of the applicants get to be actually accepted to the platform. 

We make available for you all the information related to degrees and licenses for each provider.

If you are willing to improve your life’s quality, you are in the right place. We can help you if there’s anything preventing you from being happy and accomplishing your objectives. Our counselors are specialized in different topics, such as anxiety, human relationships, parenting, drugs and addictions, trauma, LGBT issues, religion, self-esteem, etc… 


In case you are going through the following situations, Time2talk is not for you:

  • You are having thoughts about hurting yourself or others.
  • You are underage or under the care of a tutor. 
  • You are going through an emergency or a crisis.
  • You have a mental illness or you have been directed to psychological or psychiatric services.
  • A court order or any authority have compelled you to go to therapy
  • You do not own a trustful device that can connect to Internet.

Our costs range from $40-$70 per week (You will receive a bill every month). If you want to cancel, you can do it at any time and for any reason.

Even when our Counselors were certified to provide both, therapy and counseling, our services cannot substitute a face-to-face therapy in all of the cases. Our counselors are not allowed to provide official diagnoses, to prescribe a medical treatment, or to provide an order for the court.

The process takes about 24 hours, and in some special situations, it may take a bit longer, depending on your needs and the specifications you require.

We have four ways of communication:

  • Direct messages with your counselor
  • Live chat with him/her
  • Phone calls with him/her
  • Video conferencing with him/her. 

Taking into consideration your needs and availability, you can use all the different ways as you wish.

Whenever you get matched with a counselor, you will get a private room, which is the private place you have to exchange information. You will be able to write about yourself, everything related to your life, questions, doubts, concerns, etc… Your counselor will then read everything and provide you with advice, insights and feedback.

It does not matter where you are or the time, you can always exchange information with your counsellor, and you just need a device connected to the Internet. Your private room will be open 24/7 and you don’t require specific schedules. You will choose when to write and when to answer, by getting a notification by email in case your counselors sends you a message.

Whenever you want to have a real-time conversation with your counselor, you can use our live chats services. You will have the same privacy of messages but you will be provided with live interaction, including instant responses. 


In this case, you do have to schedule a time with your counselor, and then log in in your account to start the live session.

These kinds of sessions are also a good way of keeping in touch with your counsellor. You can use your landline or your cell phone, despite the place. 


You will also need to schedule the right time to make a call, and log into your private room at the same time. The system will ask for your phone number, so that the call can start. Despite getting connecting you with your counsellor, the information related to your cellphone number will not be shared with him/her.

Just like other platforms, you can schedule a video session with your counsellor, where you will be able to have face-to-face interaction. 


You will also need to schedule a session with them and log in. You must confirm that you accept the video session from your counselor and then you will start chatting. 

You can log in to your account in order to re-read and check all the messages you have with your counselor. This can help you remember and creating new insights on the issues you have discussed together. This is one of the most important advantages when using counseling online.

We cannot have just one answer for this question, because it depends on your needs. Some individuals think they have taken enough advantage from it during a few weeks, while others prefer to wait for a while and continue using our service. This is utterly up to you. 

All the payments related to your membership will be charged to a credit card or PayPal on a regular basis. You can cancel the subscription any time, whenever to feel you have achieved your objectives, or for any other reason.

All of the services provided by this platform are generally not covered by any kind of insurance.


Coverage for therapy and counseling services vary from one insurance company to another, and most of the time, the following rules apply: 


  • With most of insurance plans, coverage is partial or quite limited.
  • The co-pay you might be required to afford may be higher than the total cost of BetterHelp. 
  • In order to get reimbursed, you would have to be diagnosed with a mental disorder by a certified therapist. The process would continue with the diagnosis being sent to the insurance company and recorded in your medical history. Treatment plans, summaries, etc.. sometimes would be required as well. 

If you are thinking about using your insurance company to cover the services, please ask the following questions: 


  • Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
  • What would be my deductibles?
  • How many sessions a year am I allowed to get?
  • What is the amount per sessions that I’m covered with?
  • Do I need an approval from my primary physician?


We think that Time2talk offers very reasonable prices, most of the time comparable to the co-pays of the rest of insurance plans.

It’s a service offered by different providers working directly with you. These people are not direct employees of TIME2TALK. Our objective is to create and maintain a platform that enables our users and their counselors to communicate with effectiveness, by enabling channels for your interaction.

Currently, there are several studies that confirm that using online platforms for counseling is very effective. For example, some researchers from the University of Berkley, together with other researchers and institutes, got to the conclusion that the users who had used Time2talk, achieved to reduce depression levels. You can read this study here.

Yes, indeed. We care a lot for your security and privacy. We created the right infrastructure and operation in order to guarantee that your information is taken care of, as well as your privacy. You can feel really comfortable because our standards are way higher than the ones stipulated by law. 
  • You can stay anonymous (Read here)
  • All the information you share with your counselor will be protected by federal and state laws.
  • As we don’t work with any insurance company, any of your information needs of be shared with them. 
  • You can remove messages by clicking the “Shred” button next to a message.
  • All the messages you send to your counsellor are encrypted (165-bit encryption). 
  • Our servers are qualified as the best ones of their kind. 
  • In case our databases are stolen or misused, your information is encrypted and protected, so nobody can have access to it. 
In case you need some of the information you have shared with your counselor to be provided to a third party, please let them know. Your counselor will send you an authorization form so you can fill it in and sign before releasing any kind of information.

Sure you can. You are not asked for your full name or contact information. You can use a nickname in order to be identified by our system. In case you start the counselling process, we will ask you for emergency numbers so that your counselor can reach someone in case you or another person is in danger.

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You can do it by logging out of your account on the application in your settings. Whenever you log back in, you will be offered to create a new pin.

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